We are a professional group of people that work as one team to deliver the best possible athletics experience in Wales day in, day out.

We positively encourage applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, belief or non-belief. Please see below for all our current vacancies and explore our website to find out more about who we are and what we do.

If you are applying for a vacancy, please click here to complete our anynomous online 'Equality & Diversity Survey'. We are actively working on ways to improve the diversity of people applying to work and volunteer in our sport and completing this survey helps us monitor our progress.

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Current Vacancies

Non-Executive Director (Performance)
Closing Date
Mon, 20 Sep 2021
Welsh Athletics is seeking enthusiastic and forward-thinking individuals to join its Board. We are looking for experienced individuals with strong critical thinking skills who are capable of applying independent judgement to work effectively with other non-executive directors.
Safeguarding and Compliance Officer
CISC/NIAC, Cardiff
Development & Participation
Closing Date
Mon, 04 Oct 2021
Welsh Athletics is committed to ensuring that the sport can be enjoyed by everyone, and that a safe and inclusive environment is available across all aspects of the sport. In conjunction with UK Athletics and the other Home Country Athletics Federations, we have recently undertaken a review to identify areas that require further improvements. It will be the role of the Compliance and Safeguarding Officer to ensure that the recommendations continue to be implemented across the sport in Wales at all levels. As well as managing all relevant cases in Wales, the role will also involve working across departments to ensure that the correct structures, policies, procedures and measures are in place. In addition, a key priority will be to ensure that clubs have met the requirements of affiliation. This will be achieved by having a strong training and development plan for all club officers, coaches, officials and volunteers.

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