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Anti-Doping in sport is critical to maintain the integrity and ethos that sport abides by on a global basis. In the UK we are particularly proactive when it comes to maintaining a drug free sport and UKA are at the cutting edge. UKA maintain up to date website content that provides comprehensive and accurate information for athletes (of all ages and levels), coaches, parents, medical support staff, officials and other members of the athlete’s support group that require access to appropriate information in order to understand and comply with the anti-doping regulations.

We are keen to provide simple, clear information to all our athletes and coaches and are committed to championing Clean Athletics within the athletics community in Wales.


Adrian Palmer, Clean Athletics Educator and Programme Manager

The  Clean Sport section of the UKA website provides comprehensive information. 

Why not do the Clean Athletics Module to keep up to date with current anti-doping rules, regulations and processes. If you are a licensed coach or leader you can use your  UKA free module code to redeem free of charge until the 31st May.

Much of the information can also be provided in printed form free of charge - simply email with your contact details and your requirements, and they can send information out. Two other excellent websites are the UK Sport website and Here you can find a variety of doping-related information and information which allows you to check the status of any medication which you may be using.

Essential links:

100% me: Pure Sport, True Talent

100% me is about being a true athlete. It's about being able to say my performance is 100% me. There is no secret to my success - just hard work, determination and talent. 

Clean Sport Hub

The Clean Sport Hub will support the delivery of innovative and tailored education activities leading to a culture of clean sport. It will also provide a support network for UKAD’s Education Delivery Network providing clean sport resources and information. 

Checking Your Medication

Many medications available for common medical conditions, such as asthma or hayfever, may contain prohibited substances.  You need to be aware that these are readily available in products prescribed by your doctor or bought over the counter in a pharmacy.

The advice from UK Anti-Doping is simple - check every single substance or medication before you use it, even if you have used it before. It is also important to remember that medications bought abroad may contain different substances than those in the UK and you should always check before you take them.


  • There is no guarantee that any supplement product is free from banned substances.

Before you take a supplement, you should:

  • assess the need - all athletes should seek advice from a medical professional or nutritionist on their need to use supplement products

  • assess the risk - undertake thorough research of all the products you are considering taking.

  • assess the consequences - you could receive a four year ban.

Clean Athletics

Ensuring athletes train and compete within the spirit of Clean Sport.

For comprehensive information on Medications and Supplements together with education and information on current testing procedures please go to:

Sample collection procedure


David Herbert, Anti-Doping Manager
Tel. 0121 7138 432

David Walsh, Anti-Doping Education Coordinator
Tel. 0121 7138 481

Ellen Butcher, Anti-Doping Administrator
Tel. 0121 7138 466

Confidential fax number: 0121 7138 451