The Board of Directors is Welsh Athletics’ key decision-making body. The Board provides leadership, takes account of the stakeholders’ interests, and is accountable both for its own decisions and the actions of Welsh Athletics as a whole.

Minutes of meetings of the Board and its sub-groups.

The Board of Directors

  • Steve Perks (Chair)
  • Sue Alvey (Chair of General Council)
  • Dr Nicky Lewis (Chair of Governance Sub-Group)
  • Vacant (Chair of Performance Sub-Group)
  • Nick Everitt (Chair of Finance Sub-Group)
  • Helen Adams (Chair of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Sub-Group)
  • Tom Overton (Chair of Development and Participation Sub-Group)
  • Jonathan Ford (Commercial)
  • Lorna Kerr (HR)
  • Bernie Plain

Our Board Sub-Groups

The Welsh Athletics governance structure delegates authority to a number of key subgroups of the Board. The sub-groups will support the delivery of key strategic objectives, as well as providing oversight in key areas such as Governance and Finance & Audit.

Governance Sub-group

Terms of Reference

  • Dr Nicky Lewis (Chair)

  • Lorna Kerr (NED)

  • Anthony Clements (Independent)

  • James Williams (Chief Executive)

  • Rob Sage (Head of Corporate Services, Secretary to Group)

  • Tony John (Independent)

  • Michael Ewins (Independent)

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Sub-group

Terms of Reference

  • Helen Adams - NED (Chair)
  • Rob Sage (Head of Corporate Services, Secretary to Group)
  • Lorraine Mulvaney
  • Bethan Davies
  • Rachel Brenton
  • Stephen DeAbreu

Performance Sub-group

Terms of Reference

  • Bernie Plain - NED
  • Chris Jones - National Coach
  • Adrian Palmer -Programme Manager - Secretary
  • Anthony Hughes – Disability Sport Wales
  • Rhys Williams – Ex International Athlete
  • Stephen Bailey - Coach
  • Georgina Williams – UK Athletics Coach Education
  • Zoe Eaton – Sport Wales
  • Tom Overton (Chair)
  • Ali Abdi
  • Alistair Dickson
  • Chris Pratt
  • Cressy Morgan
  • Jo Bohannon Walker
  • Louise Edwards
  • Melissa Anderson
  • Paul Adams
  • Rachel Bowen
  • Rhys Jones
  • Hannah Pretty (Head of Development & Participation.)

Finance Sub-group

Terms of Reference

  • Nick Everitt - Chair

  • Adrian Palmer

  • Chris Jones

  • Chris Gough (Independent)

  • James Williams - (Chief Exec)

  • Andrew Thomas (Finance Manager,

  • Jessica Hardy (Finance Assistant, Secretary to Group)

Appointments Panel

Terms of Reference

Oversees the recruitment and appointments process for all new Directors of the Company.

Membership of the panel varies by the role to be appointed and is fully described in the panel's terms of reference document (above)

President & Vice President of Welsh Athletics

Role descriptions

  • President of Welsh Athletics – Lynette Harries
  • Vice President of Welsh Athletics – Graham Finlayson & Ian Griffiths