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Here you'll find all the information, forms and resources needed to be an official with Welsh Athletics.

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Thank you to officials for submitting T&F event availability for 2020 events, we will be in touch around these events.

Endurance Officials please submit your 2020-21 availability (form TBC). 

Keep your mind active - some challenges for you:

Mental wellbeing - Bitesize Self Care series presented by Sarah Carvell Sport Psychologist Sport Wales

Introduction to Self Care 

How to practise Self Care

Challenges to Self Care

Self Care resources to help you

Coping with change presented by Louise Jones Lead Sport Psychologist Sport Wales

3 top tips to help you stay motivated during lockdown 

Keep yourself activeOfficials Step challenge 

Keep learning Webinar - Changes within the new UKA rules for competition 2020-2022. Delivered by Peter Crawshaw, Tim Soutar and John Temperton.

Webinar - Role of a field referee Delivered by John Driscoll. 

Webinar - Officiating Off-Track Endurance events from Grass Roots to Championships. Delivered by Arwel Williams & Graham Heeley. 

What does EDM stand for? Electronic Distance Measuring kit which is made up of 3 items inside the EDM box delivered by Bob Hammond. 

Assembling the parts:

Video 1 - Setting up and placement of the machiene

Video 2 - EDM Powering up and programming 

Video 3 - Tips & Tricks

Webinar - Gadgets & Gizmos within T&F officiating (Part 1). Delivered by Steve Marshall. 

Webinar - The Role of Technical Manager Delivered by Mick Frazer. 

Radio procedure for Athletics events handout - John Driscoll

Put your officiating knowledge to the test with a series of officiating questions to help educate and reinforce learning for new and experienced officials:

Please click here for our DBS page.


Click here for the Code of Conduct for Technical Officials. For all of our Codes of Conduct please visit our Codes of Conduct page.

To claim expenses for an event at which you've officiated, please complete and return an Expenses form to Rhiannon Linington-Payne. 

Officials' Expenses and Accommodation Policy