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From 1 April 2019 new requirements will start to come into effect for coaches and those renewing a licence regarding safeguarding training. This has been devised specifically for athletics using UKA’s existing welfare policies and procedures, so all examples are relevant to the sport. The online nature of the training allows coaches to complete it in their own time and choice of location.  The course, which is subsidised, will cost £10 to access, comprises two modules as well as a short, multiple-choice test after each module. 

Description: This module was written in partnership with the UKA Education and Welfare Sub Group. It is aimed at athlete support networks and primarily coaches as part of their mandatory training requirements. 

Cost: £10

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Description: This module was written in partnership with Jane Fylan, UK Athletics Duty of Care Lead and is endorsed by Double Olympic Gold Medallist, Dame Kelly Holmes MBE’s 'The Running Mind' initiative. It is aimed at those who participate in sport and their support networks such as coaches, family and medical support staff. 

Cost: £9.50

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Description: Whether participating in a sport, coaching or volunteering everyone should be aware of what bullying is and how it can be prevented. At EduCare we ensure that all of our courses are written and endorsed by experts. This module has been produced in partnership with UK Athletics, the governing body for the sport of athletics in the United Kingdom. For more information please click here.

Cost: £7

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Physical Preparation workshop is a coach development opportunity which focuses on how athletes can improve mobility, movement and therefore athletic performance.

Some athletes will display major physical limitations which will increase their chances of injury or re-injury. Coaches will learn how to conduct a series of movement screening exercises as well as how to assess hamstring flexibility, ankle mobility and upper spine mobility.

The workshop will also discuss how physical limitations can be addressed and explore some of the appropriate interventions. One aspect of this will be the use of self-myofascial release and how the use of foam rollers and other tools can help an athlete to improve mobility and performance. This should be an integral part of an athletes’ programme whether they are an elite performer in the 100m or trying to complete their first 10km run.

Additional practical activities will explore hurdle mobility drills with a focus on how to develop hip mobility, knee stability and coordination. These types of drills are essential and applicable to all event groups. The day will also look at strength pattern progressions covering exercises such as squats, Bulgarian squats, Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts and other hamstring conditioning exercises. Coaches will learn how to vary the load using equipment such as strength bands, medicine balls and powerbags.

Cost:  £20

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