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Be a respected, trusted and ambitious sector-leading organisation

We will

  • Be a high performing organisation
  • Protect and safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of staff and volunteers
  • Invest in and empower our staff to develop and succeed
  • Plan and implement change to secure the financial sustainability of the sport
  • Demonstrate our commitment to equality & diversity
  • Demonstrate our impact on the wider political and social agenda in Wales
  • Ensure the sport has the most effective and robust governance
    structure to support the development of the sport in Wales.

How will we measure success?

  • Annual staff engagement survey
  • Annual staff and membership equality survey
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey – with annual improvements being targeted
  • Continuing to score 100% against the annual Sport Wales self-assurance framework
  • Ensuring that over 50% of income is self-generated, improving commercial opportunities across the sport
  • Improving our member engagement with establishment of athlete forums, and aligning all committees to the Governance Leadership Framework for Wales.