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It has been an amazing few week of activities and the last week has been no exception with clubs across Wales supporting their members and a host of activities that inspire.

No better example of this was seen last weekend which saw a huge number of athletes support their clubs in a true show of unity. Builth and District hosted the BaD Virtual Relay (15 hours!) which saw dozens of clubs and groups involved and over 1000 competitors taking part. To catch up on all the action, visit the Builth and District Twitter account (#BaDRelay15) or the Builth and District Facebook page.

Last week we celebrated Volunteer Week saying thank you to the huge range of volunteers that give so much to the sport, so regularly and throughout Wales. The celebrations included resources, video, blogs and articles including;


Further details or to look back on all of the activities please visit the Welsh Athletics Twitter page or Welsh Athletics Facebook pages.

The week also saw the celebration of dedicated volunteer coaches that give so much time throughout the year to the clubs and athletes across Wales. The Coaching Insights series can be found on the Welsh Athletics YouTube channel.

Likewise, Run Wales celebrated Volunteers Week featuring Dragons Running Club and a look back at the 2019 Run Wales Award recipients.


Coming up this week:

Webinar Series

  1. Tuesday 9th June: 10k Training and Racing
  2. Wednesday 10th June: Female Athlete Part 1
  3. Thursday 11th June: Ask Us Series (West Wales)

Full details of all that’s coming up can be found on the Stay Home, Stay Involved section of the website.



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