T&F disciplines

Who should go on this course?

Anyone who is interested in officiating the field events:

·         Shot (including seated throws for disabled athletes)

·         Discus (including seated throws for disabled athletes)

·         Hammer

·         Javelin (including seated throws for disabled athletes)

·         Club Throw

·         High Jump

·         Long Jump

·         Triple Jump

·         Pole Vault

What will I learn on a Level 1 Field Judge course?

·         How to follow a duty sheet

·         Be able to list field events and the various roles covered

·         Understand and describe Health and Safety issues in Field Officiating

·         Application of the rules surrounding field officiating

·         Ability to present the result card accurately

The Level 1 Photo finish course will outline the different tasks within the photo finish team, the role of an operator and the use of the equipment. The course is mainly of a practical involvement level to suit new Officials in this discipline (knowledge of Word or Excel is beneficial).


The Level 1 Timekeeping course is ideal for those with a high level of accuracy or those wishing to improve with experience and practice.

What will I learn on a Level 1 Race Walking course?

·         Understand the difference between walking and running

·         Know the rules of race walking

·         Know what the judges’ paddles mean

·         Begin to gain confidence in picking out infringements

·         Understand the procedures for issuing cautions and red cards and recording these

·         Understand the purpose and importance of the posting board and when/how the chief judge will disqualify a competitor

·         Understand what makes a good Race Walking Judge

Level 1 Starter/Starters Assistant Training

Course Outcomes

  • Demonstrate how course members would work as part of a start team
  • Understand and implement the appropriate Rules for the start procedure of all races.
  • Know the correct positions for starters and starters assistants for all races
  • Implement the unique and specific aspects of roles.