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Megan Hunter

Name: Megan Hunter

Age: 20

Club: Wrexham AAC

Event(s) Specialism: Sprints / hurdles 

Guiding principles as a coach: Enjoyment is the main thing, with a fun and relaxed atmosphere while on the track. I use knowledge I have gained from my own training and coaches over the years to improve the athlete’s confidence and ability during training. I am very committed as a coach and like the athletes to give 100% in every session and competition. 

I have made many friends near and far from doing athletics and encourage my athletes to do so as well. 

Exercise is proven to help mental and physical health and I want my athletes to have the best well-being possible. 

I want the athletes to have fun and enjoy every session, so they want to continue athletics as long as possible.     

Coaching milestones: I first started coaching helping with the under 11s group at Wrexham when I was 15, I then started coaching my own group at 16 after completing my coaching assistance course and have continued with this group since then. I had to wait until I was 18 to complete my level 2 coaching and I chose to specialise in sprints and hurdles. 

A few of my athletes have won medals at the North Wales regional championships. They also have gone on to represent North Wales at the inter-regionals and North East Wales schools at the Welsh Schools Championships.  

Aspiration as a coach: I would love to expand my knowledge as a coach and continue up the coaching ladder. As I coach the grassroots level now, I would love to see more and more young people involved and enjoying athletics as possible. I also would like to see the athletes I coach grow in confidence and working hard in every session to get the most out of them. 

Seeing athletes, I have coached enjoying competing and winning medals is also extremely rewarding. 

Athletics is not always about the best its about seeing people of all abilities improving and having fun.