Return to Athletics

The guidance below is not applicable whilst Wales is in Alert Level 4 [from midnight on19th December 2021]

On 29th May we published version one of our roadmap for Lifting Athletics out of Lockdown  mapped against the 4 phases of the Welsh Government's unlocking Our Society and Economy plan - Black, Red, Amber & Green. Timescales for implementation of our plan will be dictated by Welsh Government restrictions. We are continuing to liaise on a daily basis with colleagues in the other home nations athletics federations to ensure consistency and clarity where possible. 

Below you'll find the latest more detailed guidance for each element of the sport. This guidance will be evolving as Government guidance and restrictions change, and as learning about the COVID19 virus continues, so please keep checking to ensure you are following the latest versions.


  1. [09/07/20] The jumps sections of the Club Activity, Training, and Providing Facilities guidance have all been updated. All these documents are hence now in Version 2.
  2. [10/7/20] Return to Group Running updated [Version 2] following Welsh Govt. announcement allowing supervised groups of up to 30 to come together for Sport.
  3. [13/7/20] Return to Providing Facilty use updated [Version 3] & Return to Club Activity guidance updated [V3]
  4. [17/7/20] Return to Coaching updated [Version 2] & Test, Trace & Protect guidance added.
  5. [22/7/20] Return to Track & Field Competition, Return to Road Running & Multi Terrain racing, & Return to Officiating guidance documents added
  6. [19/8/20] Jumps sections of Return to Club Activity [Version 4], Return to Providing Facility Use [V4], Return to Track & Field Competition[V2], and Return to Officiating[V2] all updated.
  7. [09/9/20] Return to Track & Field updated [Version 3] - alternate lanes for sprints. Return to Cross Country guidance added [V1]
  8. [29/9/20] FAQs and Test, Trace & Protect guidance updated. Return to Mountain & Trail Running Guidance [V1].
  9. [07/10/20] Return to Cross  Country, Road Running & Mountain & Trail Competition all updated re: Local Lockdowns. Now all in V2.
  10. [08/10/20] Return to Club Activity & Return to Providing Facility Use now in V5 - multiple groups of 30 within an adequate space.
  11. [09/11/20] Return to Competition (Track &Field, Road Running, Mountain & Trail, and Cross Country) all updated in relation to numbers of U11s.