Chwaraeon Glân

Anti-Doping in sport is critical to maintain the integrity and ethos that sport abides by on a global basis. In the UK we are particularly proactive when it comes to maintaining a drug free sport and UKA are at the cutting edge.

UKA maintain up to date website content that provides comprehensive and accurate information for athletes (of all ages and levels), coaches, parents, medical support staff, officials and other members of the athlete’s support group that require access to appropriate information in order to understand and comply with the anti-doping regulations.

UKA Anti-Doping education takes many forms and includes the following:

The Anti-Doping section of the UKA website provides comprehensive information which is easily accessible to all the link is:

Much of the information can also be provided in printed form free of charge - simply email with your contact details and your requirements, and they can send information out.  

Two other excellent websites are the UK Sport website and Here you can find a variety of doping-related information and information which allows you to check the status of any medication which you may be using.