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04/04/2020 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

We know that these are worrying times for clubs, members and individuals across Wales and the impact that Coronavirus is having on our day to day lives is clearly significant.

We are also acutely aware that clubs and club activities play such an important part in people’s lives with clubs creating a unique sense of community and cohesion for so many. The restrictions in place have, in part, limited the activity and interaction that so many of us involved in this amazing sport are used to.

Over recent weeks, whilst we are all trying to adjust, we have been truly amazed and inspired by the actions of clubs and groups across Wales.

Being positive, innovating and inspiring… 

Rather than limit the interaction clubs have had with their membership, many have adapted and transformed - finding new ways to communicate and engage their members and bring together a new sense of community.

We are launching the #SupportYourClub campaign to encourage both clubs and members to share, via social media, the things that they are doing in support during this time. We have already seen a host of activities including;

  • Virtual training runs
  • The establishment of more Facebook groups
  • Virtual coffee mornings/quizzes
  • Clubs introducing challenges for their members to complete (the Budweiser running challenge being a particular favourite..!)
  • Club governance meetings taking place online / remotely utilising video conferencing software
  • Club to Club challenges

All ways in which clubs are innovating and uniting the membership and athletics community of Wales. Club-related stories are all collated in the 'Club Noticeboard' section of our news pages - so do please send us your stories for us to share via 

We would like all clubs across Wales to share their activities so that others can learn and develop their interaction with and support to members during this time. We would also ask that members support their clubs by offering support where they can. For so many the club is a pillar of the community and central to their weekly (and sometimes daily) activities – it is important that this is maintained as much as possible in the coming weeks and months. For individuals, by supporting your club you will help to ensure when the sport does return, it is a strong, vibrant and boyant as it was before.

During this time, Welsh Athletics is particularly focussed on supporting clubs across Wales in whatever way we can and over the coming weeks will be launching a series of support activities that will help and support both clubs and individuals).

Key contacts for clubs and the wider membership remain unchanged; the Welsh Athletics office number (T: 02920644870) is still in operation (normal working hours) and each club is supported by their Regional Athletics Development Officer who have been contacting clubs individually to offer help, support and advice. Contact details for all key staff can be found here.

Earlier this week Sport Wales launched the Emergency Relief Fund to support grassroots sports clubs across Wales further information and guidance can be found here. 

Useful Links and Contacts: 

Regional Athletics Development Officers:

Membership and Licence Coordinator - Jacqueline Brace (

Head of Development and Participation – Chris Moss (

#SupportYourClub #Cefnogwcheichclwb