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Welsh Athletics Releases Summer of Fun School Sports Day Resource

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09/06/2021 00:00, In Blog / School News /

In a further boost to celebrate the return of the sport, Welsh Athletics have created a resource for schools to aid with the delivery of their school sports day and cross curricular activities. The Summer of Fun School Sports Day Resource hopes to increase further participation in athletics in primary schools, whilst supporting teachers with hints and top tips on how to run each event. The resource also includes cross curricular activities and tasks to promote the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games happening later this summer. Inspire your pupils with this exciting resource pack!

The resource has been sent to schools directly (where possible) and to all Local Authority Sports Development Units and therefore schools and key contacts should receive this directly. If you have not yet received it, the resource is free to access and is available in English and Welsh, to download your copy you will need to complete a short registration form – this allows us to understand the provision of athletics at primary school level across Wales and to offer further support to schools that are interested.

To view and download the resource please visit

If you would like further information or would like to receive the resource directly please contact your local Athletics Development Manager;

In addition, following on from this, there are further opportunities for schools to enhance their athletics delivery through our primary and secondary school teacher education program. For more information on these upcoming courses click here