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Weekend Round Up (14-15th May)

16/05/2022 00:00, In Blog / Road / Commonwealth Games /

Night of the 10000m PBs, Highgate 

One of the biggest nights on the athletics calander took place on Saturday night in its original location of Parliament Hill after a stint at Birmingham University last year.

A carnival of races concluded with the Mens and Womens National Championships, where the opportunity to qualify for the World Championships was up for grabs.

In the Womens event, Clara Evans (Cardiff) ran 33:34.75 to finish 17th, whilst Emily Kearney (Wirral) placed 30th in a time of 35:08.94.

In the Mens race, Kris Jones (Swansea) ran a time of 28:48.33 to come 18th.

Other results include :

  • James Hunt (Cardiff) : 29:27.34 - 7th heat 2
  • Michael Ward (Cardiff) : 29:42.60 - 9th heat 2
  • Andrew Davies (Stockport) : 29:52.13 - 15th heat 2
  • Dan Nash (Cardiff) : 30:45.87 - 27th heat 2

Incorporated into the evening was the Womens Millicent Mile. This was the first time the race has been incorporated into the event and was won by Australian Georgia Griffith in a time of 4:27.81. Melissa Courtney Bryant (Poole) continues her comeback with a 4th place finish and a time of 4:29.81.

Piers Copeland (Pontypridd) placed 2nd in the Mens Emsley Carr Mile, running a time of 3:54.91.

Full results can be found here 

BMC Grand Prix, Birmingham 

  • Oliver Barbaresi (Thames Valley) ran 3:45.26 to finish 8th in the Mens 1500m A race.
  • Emily Lowery (Vale Royal) ran 4:29.39 to place 9th in the Womens B race.
  • Beth Kidger (Brighton) ran 15:53.42 to place 4th in the Womens 5000m.
  • Lauren Cooper (Parc Bryn Bach) placed 4th in the Womens 2000m steeplechase, running a time of 6:47.24.

Full results can be found here

Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10km, Caerphilly

The Caerphilly 10km took place on Sunday in the magical surroundings of Caerphilly Castle.

Dewi Griffiths (Swansea) continued his comeback to take the victory in a time of 29:39, finishing just over 40 seconds ahead of Abed Teweldebrhan (Newport) to secure his Welsh Champion title. In third was u20 Lloyd Sheppard-Brown (Cardiff) who ran a time of 30:57. 

It was Olivia Tsim (Pontypridd) who crossed the line first in the Womens event, secruing the Welsh title and running a time of 35:44. Behind her was Lauren Cooper (Parc Bryn Bach) who ran 36:39 the night after the 2000m steeplechase. Rounding out the podium was Donna Morris (Builth & District), running a time of 36:52. 

Full results can be found here

The BCRL Rest Bay Race

Full results can be found here