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Save a Life

19/11/2021 00:00, In Blog /

Free defibrillators for sport organisations in Wales

Every year over 6,000 people in Wales have a cardiac arrest in the community and many will die without essential CPR and defibrillation intervention from bystanders.

The survival rate in Wales is currently less than 5%.  Our mission at Save a Life Cymru is to encourage everybody to be prepared to help save a life by learning CPR and defibrillation skills.

A cardiac arrest is a condition where the heart suddenly stops working; the person becomes unconscious and stops breathing normally. It can happen to people who often appear healthy and with no known risks. 

If a cardiac arrest happens, CPR must be started immediately to pump blood around the body and a defibrillator is found and used to restart the heart. 

There is no other medical situation that relies on such support and commitment from the community.

To encourage communities to help save lives we have 500 free defibrillators available for distribution across Wales. It is an easy criteria based application process at: