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Return to Athletics - Updated Jumps guidance

09/07/2020 00:00, In Blog / Track & Field /

The Jumps section of the Club Activity, Training, and Providing Facilities guidance have all been updated as follows:


  • If jumping areas are to be used athletes must follow hygiene guidelines for the cleaning of hands prior to commencing any training activity.
  • Mats and landing areas should be thoroughly cleaned in line with government guidance, before and after each individual athlete/user.
  • Disinfecting landing beds effectively against Coronavirus is the responsibility of the facility operator. The disinfectant used for this purpose must not damage or compromise the safety properties of the landing bed, or cause harm to staff, volunteers or athletes.
  • Athletes should be encouraged to use their own / personal equipment where possible (i.e. pole vault poles). When this is not possible, any equipment used should be used by just one athlete and thoroughly cleaned according to the latest guidance before and after each session.
  • Any uprights / bars used should be cleaned before use and managed by dedicated individuals for the duration of the training session.
  • Sand pits should be fully cleaned, by turning and raking of the sand before and after each individual athlete/user. A venue operator may choose to use a high mist spray of disinfecting solution which can be sprayed over the sand after use, as well as a turn and rake.
  • Other equipment such as rakes, measuring tapes, should be managed by dedicated individuals for a particular session – i.e. one athlete or the coach – and cleaned between one athlete's series of jumps or between sessions.”

Please refer to the Return to Athletics page for the latest versions of all the guidance documents.