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Practical Officiating Workshop for Para Athletics Round-Up

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16/11/2023 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

The Practical Officiating Workshop for Para athletics was held on Saturday 4th November and it was a great success with 13 participants, 2 athletes involved Ellie Bowen F56 and Kieran Jones F34 as well as guest Welsh Paralympic Athlete John Harris.

John is a Welsh wheelchair athlete, he took the Paralympic Oath for Team GB at the 1984 Paralympic Games as well as winning gold in the Seated Discus, he is also in the Welsh Hall of Fame and raised the monies with another Welsh para-athlete Chris Hallam to build the first ever integrated gym at UWIC which is now Cardiff Met Cyncoed.

The workshop was delivered by officials Ros Alterman and John Tanner. The workshop covered the many areas of seated throws and wheelchair racing rules and regulation with practical demonstrations for which the officials participating had the opportunity to question and get hands on using the equipment. The aim of the session was to increase officials understanding and confidence to officiate with seated throws and wheelchair racing. 

Zoe Holloway, Officials & Volunteer Coordinator shared:

The purpose of this workshop was to offer the opportunity to learn about para-athletics events. The practical training included live demonstrations of setting up and securing the throwing equipment and applying the rules which is important with the embedding of para events within our competitions.


The session attracted both new and experienced officials. This session was a success with officials attending gaining confidence for future events when officiating on a seated throw event or a wheelchair racing event.


We look forward to arranging additional workshops alike in 2024 and beyond for developing our officials.

Thank you to all involved in the session.