The objective for the Welsh Athletics Throws Development Programme is to support Athletes, Coaches, Clubs and Regions at all stages of development.

The Programme has 3 key elements that it looks to develop:

  • Mechanics – Understanding the basic key principles of each throw.
  • Preparation – Evaluating where an athlete is in terms of their skills matrix and how to build a programme that develops the individual athlete.
  • Planning – Building a plan that ensures that the athlete and coach develops appropriately.

To facilitate this Programme there are three tiers of development:

  • Foundation – Event specific sessions planned and supported in conjunction with Regions / Clubs.  This is an entry level session for athletes on average between the ages of 13 and 17 and any coach that wishes to attend as pert of their own development.  Each session is designed to last around 2 hours and introduces the key elements.  Sessions are delivered by local coaches with appropriate levels of knowledge and experience.
  • Regional – Event specific sessions delivered by National and Regional Event Coordinators aimed at athletes generally between the ages of 15 to 17 who have shown that they are looking to progress their understanding of the event and show that they have the possibility of maturing into the event.  This Programme is again open to any coach who wishes to attend as part of their own self development.
  • National – Event specific programme that is designed to allow athletes typically aged 18 -23 in conjunction with their coaches to explore all the components of their event and formulate an individual plan that will assist them in transitioning into being competitive at National Age Group Championships, achieving the standards that will ensure they are considered for Age Group Championships and ultimately move towards the Tolerance Zones for the  Commonwealth Games Programme. Athletes / Coaches will be invited to attend these development sessions and invitation will be based upon current performance levels and profile.  Any coach is able to request that they attend these sessions if it is at an appropriate stage in their development pathway.


Additionally, we recognise that Parents and Guardians play a vital role in the early development years of an athlete, accordingly there will be specific sessions delivered to support this.  Sessions will be advertised via the Welsh Athletics Website.

Adrian Palmer, Programme Manager

The throwing events are:

  • Discus, Shot Put,  Hammer, and Javelin.

To find out more, please email