Regional Development Days


Regional Development Days (RDD) are the first step of Welsh Athletics support for progressing athletes in the U17 and U20 age groups along with their coaches. It’s owned and driven by National Talent Development Coordinator and delivered by the relevant qualified Regional Coordinators. Each Regional coordinator may have a team of support coaches aligned to their event group who will assist in the delivery of the programme.

The focus of the regional development days is to engage with young athletes and to upskill coaches in terms of both coaching practice and wider knowledge including:

  •  Nutrition e.g. Foodwheel, Food First, Clean athletics – I Run Clean, Lifestyle behaviour


Alongside the RDD’s will sit an ongoing programme of Club and Coach Development activity focused on supporting clubs to modernise and increase participation at the grassroots level. Regional Development Days provide an introduction to a structured performance development environment, coaches are welcome to attend sessions as part of their own CPD. Please contact your Club Network Development Officer for further information and opportunities.

Regional days are a great opportunity to train with, learn from and get to know other athletes and coaches in your region and discipline group. By attending you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Brilliant basics: physical preparation, behavioural tips, lifestyle advice,
  • a social space for the community to engage, 
  • 3 contact days per year, per event group, per region.
  • You must be competitive on Powerof10.
  • You must pre-register online for your place.

In order to move up the National Development Programme, developing athletes will need to have registered a performance that places them within the required standard laid out on page 7 of the Athlete Development Programme.