Regional Development Activity


Regional Development Activity (RDA) is the first step on the Athlete Development Pathway (link to athlete Development Doc please). The aim of RDA is to deliver event group specific training days for athletes and coaches across Wales.

 Regional Development Activity will be underpinned by Regional Development Activity athlete and coach competency frameworks.The Regional Development Activity Coach and Athlete Competency Frameworks lay out the skills, knowledge and behaviours we wish to develop in the coaches and athletes who take part in this initiative. RDA Athlete Competency Community & RDA Coach Competency Community.

The RDA is driven by the National Talent Development Coordinators and delivered by Regional Coordinators in each event group

Each regional development coordinator will have support coaches aligned to their event group who will assist in the delivery of the programme.

Regional Development Activity Aims:

  • To introduce a holistic and process focused approach to long term athlete development
  • To develop “brilliant basics” in the early stage of event group development
  • To develop a collaborative and skilled coaching network across each event group in every region of Wales
  • To improve athlete retention in U17 and U20 age groups
  • To provide a fun and engaging training environment for young athletes


The Regional Training Days will be a 6-day modular offer over two years across the four regions of Wales.

2 year overview.

The Regional Training Days are led by the Regional Leads and the Regional Support Coaches. They will provide Event Group level athletes and their coaches with an opportunity to acquire, develop, apply, and embed the knowledge and skills they need to create positive and effective training environments across Wales. The days will be a mixture of both skills based and education-based learning focusing on development of technical, physical and athlete lifestyle and behaviours.

Athletes must be in the upper U15 (year 9) or above to access the programme. You must be actively competing/training in your chosen event group to be invited to Regional Development Activity. Invites to the initiative will be sent out by the regional leads (apart from in the jumps event group where the days will be open invite) Coaches can attend the day with no prior invite but will just need to inform the Regional Coordinator they wish to be part of the days.

The development of coaches is a key driver of RDA

Any coach holding a UKA coaching assistant qualification or above can attend the RDA. Coaches will have to register online to be able to attend sessions.

 Alongside attendance at Regional Training Days coaches will have access to a coach learning resource database which will be aligned to the Coach Competency Framework.

Please visit the coach development page for more details on the RDA coach development offer.