Introducing the rotational shotput

Event Start: 24/06/2020 19:00
Event Ends: 24/06/2020 20:00

 Host: Ryan Spencer- Jones


Aim & Audience:

For club coaches and new coaches looking to understand how to introduce the rotational shot put from a standing throw.



This webinar aims to:

  • Recap hand placement of the shot
  • Introduce neck placement of the shot
  • Introduce rotational power position and standing throw set up
  • Recap the power position
    • Slow to fast
    • Low to high
  • Introduce the fixed foot rotational stand/reverse rotational stand throw
  • Explore triple extension/connection with the shot on release
  • Highlight common areas of development for athlete relating to the glide movement and discuss solutions, drills and physical preparation
  • Q&A Session


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