Throws Workshop: Introduction to Discus and the Importance of the entry positions into the full discus throw.

Event Start: 24/06/2020 19:00
Event Ends: 24/06/2020 20:00

 Host: Ryan Spencer- Jones


Aim & Audience:

For club, national coaches and new coaches. The webinar will look to understand the importance of the entry of the full discus throw and the subsequent issues that can arise from poor technical entry. This will focus on the basics of discus with a in depth look at the issues caused by a poor technical model on entry into the full throw and the adapted training equipment that can be used to solve said issues.



This webinar aims to:

•             Understanding the importance of the discus full entry

•             Introduce the key elements to the entry

•             Introduce the power position

•       Introduce the importance of the orbit

•             Introduction to specific entry drills and adapted training

•             Highlight common areas of development for athlete relating to the rotational movement and discuss solutions, drills and physical preparation

•             Q&A Session


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