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10/08/2020 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

The last few weeks has seen an unprecedented amount of activity across the sport and it is great to see clubs and groups returning to activity and members returning to club bases across Wales. In addition to this activity there is still a huge amount of online and virtual activity taking place and this week is no exception. If you are looking to #SupportYourClub then why not get involved, and this can be done in a number of ways:

Why not get register and involved in one of the key webinars taking place this week including…

  • Monday 10th August:

Parent - Club Relationships: How to Work Together to Create a Positive Athlete Environment

Register Here

  • Tuesday 11th August:

Club Development Planning

Register Here

  • Wednesday 12th August:

How to program: Session design and 8 week (mesocycle) development period planning for developing athletes age 12-16

Register Here

Heading into the winter season, webinars will be more streamlined towards winter training

Apply and access some funding and grant support for your club…

Clubs across Wales have been working closely with staff to submit applications to the Sport Wales Be Active Wales Fund. This is a great opportunity for clubs to get back up and running (literally in some cases!!) and receive additional help and support in getting athletics in Wales moving… 

Full details can be found on the Sport Wales Be Active Wales Fund pages.

Take advantage of other additional training opportunities including…


Covid-19 Awareness Course:

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) Covid-19 Awareness Course is advisable for all clubs and key officers to help improve both knowledge and confidence in this area. The attendance fee is just £2.40 and the course is an online offer which aims to give confidence on Covid-19 matters and provides transitional information to support the return to sport and recreation. It consists of three core modules including (i) General Awareness, (ii) Participant Engagement and (iii) Cleaning and Disinfection.

Further information and details of how to book can be found here:


Club Solutions Volunteer E-Learning:

The Sport Wales Club Solutions platform have created a free and accessible ‘Introduction to Sports Volunteering’ course designed to help key officers and club members take the first steps to improving the volunteer culture their club. It includes top tips on creating a positive volunteering environment at your club, how you can recruit volunteers and most importantly how to keep them!

Further information as well as details of how to book ca be found here: