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Do These 3 Things to #SupportYourClub

26/05/2020 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

 ‘These 3 things’…

Over recent weeks through the #SupportYourClub programme we have featured a range of activities that clubs have been doing to engage with their members, raise money for charity and generally support the community as well as all of the wonderful virtual content that has bought the athletics community of Wales closer during these times.

This week we will focus on 3 simple things that you could be dong to support your club. These include;

  1. Register for the next #SupportYourClub webinar
  2. Nominate a key volunteer from your club for recognition during Volunteers Week
  3. Complete an online training course

Further details below…

1. #SupportYourClub Webinar:

Last week we launched our series of club support webinars looking at what clubs have been doing and will be doing throughout this period. The next is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday 27th May) at 6.30pm. For more information and details of how to sign up can be found here.


2. Volunteers Week 2020:

Is fast approaching (1st June - 7th June) and we would love to receive nominations recognizing people within your club, group, community that have inspired you over the last 12 months (and especially over recent weeks during the Coronavirus pandemic). Further information and more details of how to get involved can be found here. We will aim to feature a range of volunteers throughout the week and celebrate their wonderful contributions!


3. Online Training for Club Officers:

Did you know, if you are current Club Officer you can Log On to the Welsh Athletics Clubs Portal and complete one of our online training courses. There are over 40 support videos across  a range of topics) to support both you and your club with its development. These videos cover some of the key areas for clubs to address including; Club Governance, Legal Status, Marketing, Paying for Services and Tax. To access the portal you will need to be an officer of the club and have your club USER ID and PASSWORD (this can be obtained via your club Secretary or Chairperson).

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