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Speakeasy Club presents... Rhys & Scott Jenkins

20/04/2023 00:00, In Blog /

The Penarth brothers, who widely credit their ultra endurance running exploits to a prominent member of Speakeasy Club, will take us through that first race at the 2008 Llanelli half marathon to running across America, challenging themselves against the ​toughest terrains and ​the ​fastest known times.

Scott Jenkins

1. 924th Person in History to run Badwater 135.

2. British Record Holder for Moab 240 Ultramarathon.

3. First welsh person to finish Cocodona 250, Moab 240 and Bigfoot 200.

Rhys Jenkins: 

1. World Record for the fastest known time on the 870 mile Wales Coast Path.

2. First ever Welshman to finish Badwater 135, have done the route 5 times.

3. World record for the fastest known time on the National Three Peaks JOGLE.

Together, their journeys began with a remarkable 2000mile run across the USA from Boston to Austin. Following that they've taken on remarkable challenges in the last 10 years, raising thousands of pounds for charity in the process.

From setting a fastest known time around the Wales coastal path, completing the MOAB 240, completing the JOGLE and the bad water 135 in Death Valley, Rhys & Scott are simply remarkable people.

Both are supported and inspired by their wives - Abby & Cerys. We will hear stories about their incredible achievements, what motivates them and we'll hear about what makes family such an important part of what they do.

Event details:

  • Friday 26 May
  • Bigmoose coffee co
  • Event doors open at 6pm
  • Evening begins at 630pm with a talk and presentation from Rhys & Scott, as-well as questions & answers from the audience. 
  • Event finish at 9pm

Unreserved Theatre style seating.
General Admission 16+: Welsh Athletics or Clwb Run Members £15 (+plus booking fee)
General Admission 16+: Non Welsh Athletics or Clwb Run Members £18 (+plus booking fee)

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