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Run With Us Campaign launched

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04/04/2022 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

This month, Run Wales are inviting people across the country to discover the joys and feel the benefits of running by asking them to Run With Us.

The new campaign, which runs throughout April, is open to anyone interested in getting more active, improving their health, and feeling better to take part.

And the good news is, whether you have never been one for sports, or used to run but haven’t in a while, there are plenty of ways to get involved. All at your own pace.

It could be a light jog up and down your street, or going out with a friend after work, or joining one of the many local running groups in your area. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is getting your trainers on, getting out there, and giving it a try.

There are no fitness targets you need to meet. And no gruelling training regimes you have to follow, anywhere in sight.

“This month, we’d love to see people across the country Run With Us and discover the joys of running”, explains James Williams, CEO at Welsh Athletics.


“Whether it’s exploring your local area in a whole new way, feeling healthier physically and mentally, or making new friends, there are so many benefits to be had when running that anyone can experience.”

You can find guidance, tips, and more information on all of Run Wales’ initiatives and programmes to help you find an option to suit you at