New Club Affiliation process in place from April 2019

20/02/2019 00:00, In Club Notice Board /

Welsh Athletics are implementing a new and updated Club Affiliation process starting on 1st April, 2019. The new affiliation process is designed to provide clubs with additional support and resources when affiliating with Welsh Athletics, and to ensure that all affiliated clubs are accessing the Clubs Portal

The portal was designed to support all clubs in their development and provide freely accessible tools and resources for all clubs in Wales. The Portal has a number of key features and benefits including:

  • Club Affiliation - the ability to manage the key information that we hold about your club
  • Club Review Software – a series of questions and action points allowing you to review your club activities across a number of key areas and subsequently generate actions and plans accordingly
  • Online Training Courses – providing expert, easy to follow advice covering key areas for the club, an opportunity for all officers and volunteers of the club to learn and develop knowledge at their own pace
  • Your Club Documents – a single place for all clubs to store all key documents safely and securely
  • Club Resource Library – a library of resources, templates and support documents designed to help and assist with the development of all club activities
  • Webinar Training – a series of key webinars that cover key areas free for clubs to access scheduled regularly throughout the year

All clubs will have from 1st April until 30th April to affiliate for 2019/20 with Welsh Athletics. Failure to do so by this date will result in:

  • Removal of club listing on the Welsh Athletics website 
  • Inability to register any new athletes via the Secretaries Portal 
  • The removal of any support provided by Welsh Athletics 
  • The removal of any discounts on Welsh Athletics courses

The above implications will be put in place for clubs NOT AFFILIATEDby 31st April, and will remain in place until the club has completed the full affiliation process with Welsh Athletics. 

Further information on how Clubs are able to complete the affiliation process will be released soon. 

*Please note - Individuals will also be able to re-affiliate with Welsh Athletics for 2019/20 from 1st April, 2019.