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Movement skills training modules launched

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19/03/2021 00:00, In Blog /

Movement Skills Modules 1&2

Welsh Athletics is pleased to announce the launch of our online Movement Skills Modules. As fundamental movement is the foundation for developing all the athletic qualities, our online modules are aimed at supporting leaders, coaching assistants, and coaches to gain, or progress, their knowledge of how to develop movement skills in athletes and runners (of all ages and abilities), in order to support improved athletic performance.

  • The modules are self-guided, enabling participants to complete at their own pace.
  • They also use video support material to reinforce the practical application of coaching movement skills in any athletics or running environment.

To get a taste of what these modules will offer, why not join us for our Movement skills for Running, Jumping, and Throwing – Unlocking an athlete’s potential session, at the Youth Development Coaching Conference on March 27th. Paul Moseley (Coach and Tutor Development Manager, England Athletics) will be exploring why good movement is essential to the ongoing development of all individuals, and a lifelong enjoyment of the sport, highlighting content from the modules.

Movement Skills One


  • An introduction to movement skills to develop athletic performance
  • Scientific theory of the demands placed on the body in performance
  • Practical concepts covered to overcome the demands placed on the body
  • Gain an understanding of the various training methods


  • Improved use of the body to perform
  • An understanding of how to best challenge to perform
  • Improved library of drills and exercises to implement
  • The ability to implement drills and exercise within plyometric, strength and movement skill training
  • Online-based workshop allowing users to complete in their own time – users can pause, replay and come back to the module so that they can go and practice activities, or take a break, without having to complete in one sitting

Cost: £20

Length: 1.5hrs (self-paced)

To book on Movement Skills One, click here.

Movement Skills Two


  • A reinforcement of the key concepts introduced in Movement Skills Part 1
  • Develop your ability to coach movement based training
  • An introduction to how the ability to move can influence injury potential
  • Practical exposure to progressing and regressing drills and exercises based on athletic ability
  • The importance of organising training strategies


  • Enhanced understanding of Movement Skills Part 1 key concepts
  • Your athletes have an enhanced opportunity to be more efficient movers
  • Understand ways in which you can develop robust athletes
  • An understanding of how drills and exercises can be tailored to an individual
  • The ability to organise and deliver a structure progressive session

Cost: £20

Length: 1.5 hrs (self-paced)

To book on the Movement Skills 2, click here