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Jenny Nesbitt and Justin Davies have been selected to join the Welsh Athletics Performance Pathway

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15/04/2024 00:00, In Blog /

Jenny Nesbitt and Justin Davies have been selected to join the Welsh Athletics performance pathway.

Jenny will be returning to the Performance Programme and Justin will be joining the Transition Programme for the first time.

In 2023, Chris Type the new Head of Performance at Welsh Athletics reviewed, updated and refreshed the Performance Strategy for the next three years.

As part of the scoping process, a full performance needs analysis was completed with the view of creating an understanding of what activity is undertaken and how each area of activity is aligned with the Welsh Athletics strategy.

The needs analysis revealed that focus is needed to develop a pathway for athletes to progress through, that’s strategically aligned to a performance vision which is measured and underpinned by policy and process.

To allow for a more focused approach to athlete development, the previous programme structure was streamlined. The new programme structure creates a clear performance pathway that is measured and underpinned by a robust development curriculum.

There are now three clear progressive levels to the performance pathway.


Chris Type, Head of Performance at Welsh Athletics shared:

By creating an evidence based, performance structure we are able to show flexibility and reactivity to enable athletes to enter the performance programmes once performance standards have been achieved. We will continue to refine this process in the coming years with maximising the support for athletes and coaches as being the key motivating factor.


We are delighted to announce Jenny Nesbitt and Justin Davies are the newest recruits to our performance programmes, congratulations to both athletes.

Jenny Nesbitt reacted: 

Welsh Athletics have supported my development as an athlete for over 7 years and returning to the programme this year means I can keep in place my support team and continue to build on what we’ve learnt over the past years. Although this is an individual sport, I recognise that without the support of my coach Chris Jones, and medical support from Adam Rattenbury, Dave Rowe, Jonny Harper, Rhodri Martin - to name a few over the past years, I would not have produced the results I have.


The continued support though the Performance Pathway means I can get to races and camps that will enable me to produce new best performances as I continue to progress as an athlete.

Justin Davies said:

I am looking forward to representing Wales over the coming years and am deeply grateful to join the WA Transition Programme.

Congratulations to both athletes, we look forward to supporting you with your Athletics journeys.

Find out more about the Welsh Athletics performance pathway here and the strategy until 2026.