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Grangetown 2 Track #G2T Young Leaders Workshop a Success!

26/08/2021 00:00, In Blog /


This month Welsh Athletics worked with the Grange Pavilion & Grange Youth Forum to deliver a Leading Athletics workshop to young people from the local community. Amhed, Aymen, Spragga, Waseel, Amin, and MB (aged between 16-19) learnt new skills and enhanced their existing communication and organisational skills in order to deliver fun and engaging athletics activities to children. These individuals will support local coaches from Cardiff Athletic Academy with the remaining sessions at Grange Pavilion and it is hoped that they will progress on to continuing these sessions in the future, increasing the opportunity for children to get involved in athletics in the Grangetown area. In the future it is hoped that the new leaders will have the ambition to enhance their own personal development by completing a recognised NGB leadership certification.

This project has been part of a wider initiative to bring athletics to the children of Grangetown and is the start of a new partnership between Cardiff Athletics and Grange Pavilion.