Gareth Elliott is also off to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games

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Gareth has attended specific training days in the lead up to the Games, in order to be as well prepared as possible come the Games. Having been allocated as an Event Services member, Gareth's role will allow him to be amongst the exciting atmosphere of the Games. Here is what Gareth has to say in the lead up to carrying out his role!


What are your reasons for wanting to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games? 

“My main reason for wanting to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games is that I wanted to test myself at a major sporting event and be approachable. I tried to volunteer at the Olympics in London 2012 but did not have enough experience”. 

Gareth has been involved in officiating for over 6 years. He is a qualified level 1 field judge and a trainee level 1 endurance official. 


What is involved in your Commonwealth Games role?

“My role is an Event Services member, I must check people’s tickets if they are right and show them to their seats at the venues and make sure people are safe as well”.


How excited are you for the opportunity to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games? 

“I am really excited to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games because I have enough experience now to deal with any issues that may arise and meet new people. I filled in the application form for the Commonwealth Games and to test myself at a major sporting event I had an interview for it in the winter and had an email from the organisers a couple of weeks ago saying that I was needed and I could not turn down the opportunity”.


How did you get into volunteering and what were the main reasons why?

“My main reason for wanting to get into volunteering in athletics is that I wanted to help other people out and support events without officials there would be no event”. 


"I would like to congratulate Gareth on his selection at this summer’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in an Event Services role. Selection for an international event of this scale is a fantastic achievement and provides an excellent opportunity to develop skills”.

 Zoe Holloway, Officials and Volunteer Development Officer.


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