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First Aid Training for all new Coaching Assistants and Leaders from April 2022

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19/01/2022 00:00, In Blog / Road / Track & Field /

UKA has revised its policy on First Aid provision for coaches and leaders so that it is aligned with the HSE requirements under Civil Law and Duty of Care. UKA are aware that a number of Coaches and Leaders have already undertaken first aid training as good practice which is great, but given recent incidents there will now be a requirement for all UKA Licensed Coaches and Leaders to have a suitable level First Aid Training certificate, renewable every three years in line with the re-licensing process.

This will be a phased process and from April 1st, 2022, all new Coaching Assistants and Leaders attending courses will be required to complete first aid training or provide evidence of suitable existing first aid qualification. This process will not come into effect for existing Leaders, Coaches and Coaching Assistants until April 2023.

Despite practices such as risk assessment by venues and coaches or leaders, in addition to training guidance for coaches and qualifications detailing how to create session plans tailored to an athlete or runner, things can and do go wrong. Being first aid trained could make a difference to the outcome for any individual who sustains an injury when under your care as a coach or leader. This year, 68% of reported incidents were at an organised training session, and of all reported incidents 85% required first aid and 58% went to hospital. Early intervention can make a difference to the outcome and experience of the injured person.

To support new Coaching Assistants and Leaders coming onto pathways, when booking onto courses, the qualification will come with a package of mandatory training, including:

  • First Aid certificate (3 online, self-paced modules) - £10
  • Educare Safeguarding module - £10

This streamlined process will ensure that the licensing process is a smooth as possible to navigate, with a one-off payment at the point of purchase.  The overall cost increase across the entry level qualifications will be £10, as previously the safeguarding module was an additional cost to the course purchase. Therefore, beginning April 1st 2022 the bundle package costs will be:

Coaching Assistant Bundle

Unaffiliated - £230 / Affiliated - £190

LiRF Bundle

Unaffiliated - £175/ Affiliated - £145

For answers to questions including:

  • Q  - What if our club coaches only coach at a venue where there are always trained First Aiders present?
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  • Q - Do they have to do the UK Athletics recommended module?
  • Q – We have a new coach who has registered for a coaching course on Athletics Hub, that includes First Aid Training, but they already have a valid First Aid qualification. Do they have to do the First Aid module associated with the coaching course?
  • Q – We have already purchased course specific vouchers for entry level courses, can they still be redeemed?

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