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Covid-19 Awareness Course

20/07/2020 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

Today the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) have launched Covid-19 Awareness Course for the Sports and Recreation Sector.


We advise that all club appointed COVID-19 Officers undertake this training to help improve both knowledge and confidence in this area.

The course has been created help anyone in the sport and recreation sector and ensure clubs, coaches and facilities are following relevant government guidelines and provide a positive re-introduction to activity for all.

This course is an online offer which aims to give confidence on Covid-19 matters and provides transitional information to support the return to sport and recreation. It consists of three core modules including (i) General Awareness, (ii) Participant Engagement and (iii) Cleaning and Disinfection.

Further information and details of how to book can be found here: