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COVID-19 - Advice for Competition Providers - UPDATED

02/04/2020 00:00, In Blog /

Latest statement from British Athletics Competition Strategy Group

We are aware that there is a need for local competition especially for younger athletes, but also for Seniors and Masters; and will aim to work with County Associations and the providers of young athlete competition to ensure there is a good spread of local events that meet the needs of athletes in the competition dates that are available to us.
With this in mind, the Competition Strategy Group (CSG)* will engage with domestic competition providers so that we can manage the calendar effectively, with the capacity of facilities and officials available. The following has been relayed to competition providers:

  • The domestic track and field calendar will extend to the end of September 2020.

Full Statement download

All league fixtures that are cancelled in line with Government guidelines will not be rescheduled to avoid fixture congestion (due to the capacity of the number of weekends available) and pressure on the Officials. This may mean that some leagues may only have one or two fixtures for the year. If this was the case, then consider;

  • Arranging an end of year Cup Competition
  • Arranging an open meeting format to provide a competition opportunity for as many athletes as possible (this will depend on whether the ban is extended or not).
  • Arranging weekday competitions

Leagues should abandon their promotion and relegation process, due to this unusual season.

The CSG will be mapping rescheduled key fixtures and the priority events will be:

  • British Championships
  • Home Country Championships
  • Area Championships

Event Postponements & rearrangements

Please contact us to discuss new dates before finalising and publicising any dates - we are keen to avoid fixture clashes where possible in what will become an even more congested calendar.

If you are cancelling your event this year then please contact and the race will be cancelled on the runbritain system and removed from the Race Listing page. There is no licence fee due for cancelled races and the deposit payment for the licence application can be deferred to next year. If your race is cancelled, you will need to arrange refunds of entry fees or deferrals to next year’s race.

Event Insurance

  • Please note that UK Athletics’ Public Liability insurance does not cover cancellation of events.  Any organiser who has taken out event insurance will need to check with their own broker or provider.  For reference, click here to read what our insurance does cover.   

Good respiratory hygiene

  • regular hand washing for 20secs.  If you have no access to wash your hands, use of anti-bacterial wipes or gel
  • not touching your face, sneezing into your elbow is still the best advice to prevent spread of all viruses, including Coronavirus

Additional Resources

 Any further updates will be posted on the UK Athletics website.