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Clubs to benefit from funding to support the legacy of the Commonwealth Games via Welsh Athletics’ Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund 2022

24/05/2022 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board / Commonwealth Games /

Welsh Athletics are delighted to announce the Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund is now open for applications. This year is an exciting year for Athletics globally, and we’re excited to have the spotlight on our sport over the summer months in 2022.  

Over the years we have been proud to support applications that are leading the way via innovative projects that focus on modernising and developing clubs across Wales through our Modernisation Grant. This year to celebrate a summer of athletics, we want to support clubs to capitalise on the additional interest our sport will get whilst being on the world stage.   

The Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund will focus on strengthening clubs through recruitment and retention projects, to support clubs to welcome new members and volunteers whilst also focusing on valuing existing members and volunteers. Therefore projects that highlight how you will increase membership or retain membership will be considered with greater priority. 

We welcome applications from our affiliated clubs (up to £2000), Regional Athletics Councils and Schools Districts (up to £1000). Applications that are aligned to the strategy for the sport ‘A vision for Athletics in Wales 2019-2026’, have a focus around increasing engagement and growth of the club, are encouraged and will be held with higher priority.   

We encourage applicants can get in touch with their local Club Development Officer for advice on completing the application process or for further guidance on what will be funded. 

You can download the application form and guidance notes here 

Deadline for applications is Thursday 16th June 2022. Completed applications should be emailed to with the subject line ‘CWG Legacy Fund 2022’. The Grants Panel consisting of the Chair of General Council, a member of the Welsh Athletics Board, The Welsh Athletics Head of Development and Participation and one representative from each of the Regional Athletics Councils, will consider and decide on all applications after the closing date for applications.