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Anglo Celtic Plate 100k International

24/08/2021 00:00, In Blog /

In the 26th running of the annual Anglo Celtic Plate 100k International at Mondello Park Racing Circuit, County Kildare, Ireland on Saturday 21st August. Competing on an undulating 1.804km race route comprising of 56 laps, the competing athletes, team staff, and officials were faced with varying weather conditions though, mostly cloudy, with very little wind, there was light rain in the morning before a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning in the afternoon and at the tail end of the event, the sun came out.

Jack Blackburn (Pontypridd) was the 1st Welsh finisher with a time of 7:28:58 to become the 3rd fastest Welshman ever to run the event behind Daniel Weston (Wrexham) 7:11:47 & 7:16:44 and Iain Ridgway (Eryri) 7:19:09. Matt Rees was running well and on target for a sub 7:30 finish before a back spasm hindered his progress and despite attempting to carry on for several more laps, Matt was forced to retire.

Jeremy Mower maintained his impressive longevity in the event with his 16th successive finish though, the undulating course was not to his liking with a time of 9:03:39. Wales only female representative, Andrea Rowlands will have learned a lot from the experience regarding pacing as she finished in a time of 9:24:39.

Overall, a tough, learning on your feet experience for all of the competitors. 100k road events are quite relentless and unforgiving.

"Thank you to our Irish counterparts for putting on a superb event with a special mention to John O’Regan."

On a poignant note, it was also a sad occasion following the loss of UK Ultras mainstay, Norman Wilson. Before the event, Sam Amend who was coached by Norman said a few words on his behalf and a minute silence was held in his memory.


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