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Track & Field

Cardiff Throws Open 1


Entries will close (TBC) (or when event capacities are reached).

Tuesday 25th May

  • Venue: Ron Jones Memorial Stadium

Health & Safely during Covid at Cardiff Throws 2021


  • .           Athletes must have their own implements in order to compete and throw.
  • .           Upon weighing your implement if it is underweight you can still throw but the distance will not be submitted to Power10.
  • .           Each athlete will be responsible for wiping down their implement and sanitizing their hands after weigh in (antibacterial wipes will be provided).
  • .           Athletes must have their own bottle of sanitizer at each competition, you will be asked to produce this to gain entry.
  • .           Each athlete is responsible to sanitize their hands when appropriate and necessary throughout the competition.
  • .           Bring your own pins there will be none available at the competition.
  • .           All athletes must keep 2m apart there will be spots on the ground for each athlete to place their bags/equipment and please stay by your bag please do not leave the designated area which will be the semicircle of the throwing area.
  • .           To keep numbers to the correct amount during covid the athletes in the second group of throw competitions should wait outside the facility until an official comes to collect you.
  • .           Any athlete under 18 can have one adult to accompany them.
  • .           There will be no access to any other adults/spectators/coaches within the facility, but there is access to viewing outside and we ask you to respect social distancing.
  • .           Shot, discus and javelin will be collected by the athlete.
  • .           Hammer will be collected by an official who will not touch the implement.
  • .           Each athlete will be given a number prior to the competition, it will be the responsibility of the athlete to print/write clearly that number on a piece of paper  in order to put on their vest to compete.


Please email to express interest in entering

Entries will be limited to 1 event per athlete due to limited capacity.  All events are subject to athlete interest.