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Sadie Mulvaney

Name: Sadie Mulvaney 

Club: Cardiff

Events: 100m, 200m, Triple Jump

Interesting Fact: I want my legacy to be that I was the person who fought to strive in life and go against people’s expectations of Autistic people only being able to achieve a limited amount of goals. I would also like to be the voice and source of encouragement for other young Autistic people, to let them know that they can achieve and do whatever they want despite other people’s negative biased opinions.

"Hopefully, in 5 years' time, I would have completed my studies in university and still be training and competing at a national level. Also becoming a spokesperson for the Autistic community through my athletics and modeling. It would be great to see the delivery of disability awareness training as a compulsory element of the coach and official education program, and not an optional extra at a later date."