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Time 2 Listen Club Welfare Officer Training

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Event Start: 01/06/2023 18:00
Event Ends: 01/06/2023 21:00

The Time 2 Listen Online course will be carried out in a Virtual Classroom setting and is aimed at all nominated Club Welfare Officers. The cost of the Club Welfare Officer training ia £25.

This course will provide Club Welfare Officer’s with extensive safeguarding training to assist them with undertaking their role within an Athletics setting.  There will be an opportunity to consider your role and responsibilities within an Athletics, sporting context and ensure that you are familiar with sport specific reporting processes that apply to the sport, this is vital information whilst occupying the role.

Whilst Welsh Athletics appreciate that some Club Welfare Officers will be trained and experienced in Child Protection/Safeguarding/Adults at Risk, issues from other sectors such as education or health to name a few, WA have decided to opt for consistency across Wales to ensure that all our Club Welfare Officers have attended the same level of training as a minimum. This is set out in the mandatory Club Standards upon club affiliation. We are committed to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to safeguarding and we thank our clubs and club welfare officers for supporting this approach too, to ensure our club environments and our sport is as safe as possible in Wales.