The Physiology of Endurance Running – The Masters Athlete

Event Start: 25/08/2020 19:00
Event Ends: 25/08/2020 20:00

Session Hosts: Dan Nash and Alyson Dixon.


Dan Nash is a GB and Wales endurance athlete, world 50k bronze medallist and PhD candidate in Exercise Physiology at Cardiff Metropolitan University.


Alyson Dixon is a GB and England international endurance athlete. Alyson is currently the World 50km Champion and holds the 50km World Record.

She has competed in the marathon at the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.


Session Aims:

- To establish the physiological changes that occur as we age

- To gain an insight into how we can manipulate training to optimise performance and longevity in masters athletes

- To get a personal perspective from Olympian Alyson Dixon