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Profiling/planning and programming for the junior athlete

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Digwyddiad yn cychwyn: 05/12/2020 19:00
Digwyddiad yn gorffen: 05/12/2020 20:00



Presenter: Fyn/Ryan/Matt

Audience: Coaches club and international

Aim: To understand how to profile an athlete and use this to adapt plan and program a athletes training plan across a year to the longer development plan

Provide general framework –What are we trying to affect and by when. FIIT Principle; overload, progression recovery. Highlight that the detail is in the delivery and not the planning

  • What is the overall goal and how to feed that into the overall LTD
  • Working back from the overall key phase or competition and how to establish what is important at each age group
  • Coaching the person in front of you. Use two case studies how you might programme for two made up athletes looking at their overall lifestyle, psychosocial development, physical/ technical profile.

Include goal setting and managing expectations of athlete who are late developers of going through puberty or having exam pressures