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How to program: Session design and 8 week (mesocycle) development period planning for developing athletes age 12-16


Digwyddiad yn cychwyn: 12/08/2020 19:00
Digwyddiad yn gorffen: 12/08/2020 20:00

Host: Fyn Corcoran


Date: Wed Aug 12th

Time: 7pm

Aim & Audience:

Guidance on session design and 8 week development period (mesocycle) planning, for newly qualified Athletics Coaches and Coaching Assistants going through their Athletics Coach qualification.



  • Recap on components of an athletics session and how to design a safe session
  • Review example session plans
  • Recap on designing an 8 development period (development period)
  • Explore the 3 stages of skill acquisition and when it is appropriate to introduce, reinforce and develop skills
  • Introduce programming for a year of athlete development