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Run Leader Development Pathway Launch

04/10/2021 00:00, I Mewn Blog / Road / Trail /

Welsh Athletics and Run Wales are excited to announce the launch of the new Run Leader Development Pathway!


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The pathway has been shaped to visualise a potential Run Leader journey, inclusive of the UKA off-track qualifications. The brand-new workshop components of the pathway have been shaped to provide relevant, and progressive, development opportunities for our Run Leader family to ensure inclusive running for all, and support leaders to gain in knowledge and skills to want to take the next step on the development patwhay and become a coach.

The pathway opportunities are further strengthened by our existing LiRF Network and Run Leader Champion initiatives.  We believe that the network of leaders is one of sports greatest assets. Without leaders, our fantastic running clubs and groups couldn’t function, and the thousands of runners wouldn’t benefit from their collective knowledge and experience. The Run Leader Networking events are designed to bring leaders together in a fun, friendly and social environment to benefit from informal training and most importantly learn from each other. The Run Leader Champions promote social running and run leader opportunities within their area, providing bespoke support and encouraging new run leaders to develop.

To download the Run Leader Development Pathway, with links to all the workshops and qualifications, please click here. To view the autumn/winter leader education offer, click here.