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Elias takes Sprints & Hurdles lead

18/06/2019 00:00, I Mewn Blog / Track & Field /

Welsh Athletics is excited to announce that Matt Elias will be taking on the role of National Talent Development Coordinator: Sprints & Hurdles.

His transition from his previous role as National Performance Centre coach will start immediately. Going forward Matt’s focus will be on talent development across Wales, working with the four regional development Sprints and Hurdles co-ordinators to take this event group forward. His appointment follows that of Ryan Spencer Jones (starting full time in September), to the NTDC Throws role, and Liz Davies as the NTDC for Endurance. The jumps role is now out to advert, and once filled will complete the restructured performance team.

“What we’re looking to do is put in place systems and processes to develop the talent we have in all the event groups. Sprints are in a good place in Wales, and having Matt with all his experience leading this area, will I’ve no doubt ensure we continue to embed good practice across Wales and see more talented youngsters developing into the robust, competitive seniors we want to see.” Said National Coach, Chris Jones

Matt commented “I’m excited to be given this opportunity, I’m looking forward to working more closely with the great coaches we have across Wales, and I believe if we get the system working right, we’ll see all the fabulous young fresh talent develop we’ve got come through. What we’re striving for is a sustainable pathway to success for talent, wherever in Wales an athlete might be.”