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Staff Profile - Steve Mitchell

12/11/2019 00:00, I Mewn Blog / Road / Cross Country / Track & Field / Fell & Mountain / Trail /

Steve Mitchell is our Regional Development Coordinator for Endurance.


I have been involved in athletics for most of my life. I competed throughout my school years on the track, country and fells, before specialising as a 1500m athlete when starting at university. I was fortunate enough to compete for GB, and have many incredibly fond memories of my time training and competing as an athlete. I would not have had any of these opportunities without the incredible support I had from my coaches when I was competing.


I am passionate about providing others with opportunities. This is why I have chosen to work in an autistic unit in a school. This passion also led to me wanting to coach when I hung up my spikes in summer 2018. My coaching philosophy is based on both the experiences I had as an athlete and from working in education. I believe an athlete-centred approach is vital. The athlete’s wellbeing (both mental and physical) is of paramount importance, and I find out what the athlete’s aims and dreams are, and then work on an agreed plan to help them achieve these aims.


I started my role as East Wales endurance RC in September this year. My aim in this role is to provide talented athletes and coaches in the region with opportunities to develop and reach their potential, thus helping them to achieve their athletic aims. I organise regular training sessions, developmental opportunities and support for talented athletes and coaches in the region in order to help achieve this aim. 


If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is


More information about the Regional and National Endurance programmes is available here.