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Loughborough International Team Announcement

17/05/2022 00:00, I Mewn Blog / Track & Field / Commonwealth Games /

This years Loughborough International is set to take place on May 22nd. Billed as ‘Battle of the Nations’, the competition fields teams from Loughborough, England, Scotland, Wales, the National Athletics League and GB&NI U20s.

The competition will make a return to campus at the Paula Radcliffe Stadium and will be welcoming spectators back for the first time since 2019.

We are delighted to announce our team that will be competing at the event.


Loughborough 2022        
Male     Female  
Coach Athlete   Athlete Coach
(Matt Elias) Sam Gordon 100m Hanah Brier (Matt Elias)
(Helen James) Jeremiah Azu 200m Hannah Brier (Matt Elias)
(Matt Elias) Joe Brier 400m Amy Odunaiya (Trevor Painter)
(Carol Jones) Iestyn Williams 800m Rachel McClay  
(Andrew Walling) Ollie Barbersi 1500m Ellen Mary Kearney (Sarah Kearney)
(Luke Gunn) Mike Ward 3000m Angharad Davies (Antonio Serrano)
  No Selection 3000m S/C Lauren Cooper (Nicola Haines-Jones)
(Jerzy Maciukiewicz) Tom Wilcock 110/100mH Grace Morgan (Fyn Corcoran)
  No selection 400mH Carol Granville (Darrell Maynard)
(Lisa Wadden) Callum Webb 4x100 Emmanuella Kone (Helen James)
(Wendy Slade & Lynne Brier) Dylan Morgan   Macey Morris (Kevin Williams)
(Wendy Slade & Lynne Brier) Thomas Payne   Kya Asiya Placide (Helen James)
(Lewis Clarke) William Hawker   Jemma Robinson (Anthony Lee)
(David Nortion) Jac Patterson   Caitlyn Mapps (Phil Waricker)
(Matt Elias) Joe Brier 4x400m Amy Odunaiya (Trevor Painter)
(Matt Elias) Owen Smith   Sian Harry (Bob Bridges)
(Alex Currie) Mark Cottam   Fion Mair Roberts (Barry Edwards)
(Darrell Maynard) Steffan Dylan Jones   Bronwen Reed (Stephen Ball)
(Stewart Marshall) Reece Middleton      
  No Selection LJ Rebecca Chapman (Gareth Hopkins)
  No Selection TJ No Selection No Selection
(Fuzz Cann) Jonathon Bailey HJ Lauren Evans (Fyn Corcoran)
(Geoff Ward) Thomas Walley PV Carys Jones (Kate Rooney)
(Ryan Spencer Jones) Patrick Swan Shot Sabrina Fortune (Ian Robinson)
(Nicholas Ridgeon) James Tomlinson Discus No Selection  
(Carys Parry) Osian Jones Hammer Amber Simpson (Gareth Simpson)
  No Selection Jav Bethany Moule (Mark Bradford)

Congratualtions to all athletes and coaches!