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03/12/2020 00:00, I Mewn Blog /

Welsh Athletics has formed a new working relationship with Believe Perform to help support the mental health of the athletics and running community.

The agreement, featuring all four Home Country Athletics Federations [HCAFs] and British Athletics, will see new online resources designed by Believe Perform’s sports psychology and mental health experts being provided for athletes, coaches and parents.

Welsh Athletics will access 400 Believe Perform resource licences for coaches and athletes currently within with the Welsh Talent Pathway and Funded Programmes. In addition, it will allow us to support the development of coaches associated with the range of regional and national activities currently on offer.

Training courses, articles and infographics on sports psychology, mental health and wellbeing will be available to help inform, educate, and support members and member clubs during this current period of uncertainty and anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris Moss, Head of Development and Participation commented:

“We are delighted that we have been able to partner with Believe Perform and work collaboratively with British Athletics and the other Home Countries to bring this offer and resource to our athletes and coaches. Naturally, we are committed to the development of both athletes and coaches and this offer, covering the areas of mental health and sports psychology, forms part of that development opportunity.

Believe Perform have a track record and extensive expertise in providing the highest level of support and resources. As is the case across the UK, Welsh Athletics are committed to supporting our members and this partnership with Believe Perform is reflective of that commitment”.

Believe Perform spokesperson said:

“We believe with the right education, knowledge and support, not only can we help people to improve their performance within their own chosen arena, but we can also start supporting them to build positive mental health habits. With the current conditions and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 we could not be more proud to be working together with Welsh Athletics and all the home nations in collaboration with British Athletics as one unit to increase the proactivity and awareness around positive mental wellbeing and to work towards reducing the stigma attached to mental health. We are looking forward to strengthening our working relationship and helping more athletes, parents and coaches to stay mentally healthy in and out of sport.”