Equal Opportunities in Cross Country

15/01/2021 00:00, I Mewn Blog /

UK Athletics, working in collaboration with the Home Country Athletics Federations can now outline the future stages of the sport-wide consultation capturing thoughts on how Cross Country can provide equal opportunities for all participants at all levels in the future.

The consultation, which commenced with a survey issued last week will comprise of multiple stages including webinars and focus groups where the full breakdown of the analysis and submitted opinions will be made available for discussion.

UKA in cooperation with the HCAFs holds the collective viewpoint that equal opportunities are essential to enhance our diverse and inclusive sport and there is a need to find out how this might be best achieved. There are no pre-determined outcomes to the process meaning it is critical that the sport submits ideas, innovations, and suggestions of how to achieve equity of opportunity at all levels.

As part of this process, it is important that as well as participating in the survey which remains open until 29 January, any ideas that could help with the future discussions are submitted via domesticcompetition@uka.org.uk  Any other research that might have been conducted on this matter should also be submitted in order to assist with building the evidence base for future discussions.

We would like to thank those 7,500 who have completed the survey so far and in particular, those competition providers who have promoted the consultation providing us with a wide range of opinions leading to the detailed and considered ideas we are receiving.

Across the UK there are some competition providers already delivering good work in this area, likewise, we appreciate that one solution may not fit all requirements. We are committed to continuing to engage with providers throughout the next stages outlined below. The ultimate aim is to get a representative view which will take time and we know that taking the time to get this right is critical.

The proposed timeline for the consultation is as follows:

29 January 2021 Initial Consultation Survey Closes
February 2021

Analysis of survey results, feedback, and other research submitted

Confirm Webinar and Focus Groups format and timings

Delivery of Webinar(s)

March 2021

Commence Focus Group Work

Recommendations from Focus Groups submitted to Competitions Working Group (CWG)

April 2021 CWG to feedback to Focus Groups and submit the proposal to CEO Forum for respective Board and Council approvals.