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Regional Development Days Start to Develop the Future Endurance Talent across Wales

08/10/2019 00:00, I Mewn Blog /

On Saturday 28th September the first Regional Development day, since the launch of the 2019/2020 Regional Development programme in endurance, took place across all 4 regions of Wales.

Liz Davies, National Talent Development Co-Ordinator for Endurance said, “It was a fantastic start to the 2019/2020 Regional Development programme in endurance. Fantastic to see so many athletes and coaches engaging and enjoying the development days. Excellent work by the coaching teams across the 4 regions of Wales!"

The day allowed young endurance athletes and their coaches the opportunity to train together and pick up new skills around lifestyle and physical preparation. The day was broken down into a training session, informative talks and a physical preparation workshop. All the activities were lead by the Regional leads, Steve Mitchell (East Wales), Dan Nash (South Wales), John Messum (North Wales) & Delyth Brown (West Wales).

Steve Mitchel, East Wales Endurance Lead said, “There was a fantastic attitude from all 31 junior athletes from six different clubs who attended the first East Wales endurance regional training day. There was a great training session in the morning, where athletes worked together in various groups to really pull each other along. The conditioning and athlete lifestyle workshops in the afternoon introduced athletes and coaches to different aspects which will allow them to further their athletic development. It was a really productive day and a great start to what promises to be a very successful program at developing our talented athletes and their coaches in East Wales.”

After the 2019 success in the senior age groups and the continued and strong development of the junior age groups through the Regional Development days, the future is looking bright for Endurance running in Wales.

For more information about the Endurance Development Programme, check out the Endurance Section of our website.