Endurance Initiative


The 30, 40, 50 Club is an ‘Endurance Initiative’ for schools that was launched by Welsh Athletics back in 2001 supported by Sport Wales. Welsh Athletics, along with other interested parties, are aware of a declining level of fitness in young children, and is seeking to remedy this whilst at the same time contributing to a resurgence of distance running in Wales and the UK.

Children will be encouraged to walk, jog or run a measured 1 mile course within the school grounds, or over a circuit in close proximity to the school. The school will be offered advice and assistance on the setting up and measuring of the course by the Regional Development Officer, who will also provide resources for maintaining records of the number of attempts by each participant. These will include individual record cards and group / class charts.

In order to maintain an on-going level of activity and improvement of fitness it is recommended that children will not make more than two attempts per week, thus extending the scheme over a 30 week school year and encouraging regular exercise. No timing of the attempts will be made. To add variety, start and finish points might be changed and the direction of the run reversed. Alternatively facilities might allow a secondary route to be prepared. The route used could include footpaths, schoolyards or playing fields (although the latter might not be suitable during inclement weather)

Upon completion a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ will be awarded. These certificates will be supplied by Welsh Athletics upon receipt of a list of those completing each level. These certificates are also available to download. Please see the downloads section below.

Schools can arrange a visit by contacting a member of the Development staff to introduce this initiative. For more information please contact a member of the development staff team.


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