Welsh Athletics Outdoor International a Great Success

The Welsh International meeting was underway last night at Cardiff International Sports Stadium with regional under 20 teams from England, Welsh Schools and the Welsh under 20 competing against each other. It was a highly competitive match with a number of strong performances but Wales were victourious on home soil, winning the overall match with 132 points. James Tomlinson of Wales was awarded the male athlete of the match after winning the men’s Javelin by a huge margin of just under 12 metres. Mollie O’Sullivan of England South was the winner of the female athlete of the match award after a strong performance in the women’s 1500m.

Men’s Hammer Throw

Craig Murch of Rugby & Northampton claimed victory in the men’s hammer with a big third round throw of 68.54 metres. Jonathan James clinched maximum points for Wales under 20 in the international match, the Gloucester AC athlete had a large sixth round throw of 63.83 metres.

Match Result:

1st- Jonathan Jones- 63.83m (Wales)- 9 points

2nd-Jacob Roberts-62.86m (England North)- 6 points

3rd- Keiran Grimwade- 55.65m (WSAA)- 3 points

4th- Michael Davies- 52.60m (England Midlands)- 2 points


Women’s Hammer Throw

Carys Parry of Rhondda AC took the win for the overall Women’s Hammer Throw with a third round throw of 65.01 metres. It was a close battle between Amber Simpson of Wales and Katie Lambert of England Midlands but the points went to Simpson after a big fifth round throw of 54.84 metres.

Match Result:

1st- Amber Simpson- 54.84m (Wales)- 6 points

2nd - Katie Lambert- 54.69m (England Midlands)- 4 points

3rd- Ffion Palmer- 47.94m (WSAA) – 3 points

4th- Victoria Wiltshire- 43.90m (England South)- 2 points


Welsh 3000m Championships

Under 15 boys & Girls:

James Jones of Deeside AAC took the win in the boy’s category with a time of 9:09.22. Rheagan Edwards made it a clean sweep of Welsh titles for Deeside AAC, winning with a time of 10:39.68.

Senior Men’s:

Michael Ward was the winner of the senior men’s 3000m Welsh Championships with a time of 9:03.32, The Cardiff AAC athlete sat in for the majority of the race before making a big kick for home with 1000 metres left.

Men’s Triple Jump

Osaze Aghedo of Wales under 20 was the winner in the men’s triple jump with a final sixth round jump of 14.97 metres. The Welsh Athlete had this to say after his win: "Feels good to win. Same as last year, a bit better though because I think last year I won with 14.50 and this year it's 14.97, so it's a big improvement."

 Match Result:

1st- Osaze Aghedo- 14.97m (Wales)- 6 points

2nd- Emmanuel Odubanjo- 14.72m (England North)- 4 points

3rd- Theophilus Fadayiro- 13.86m (England South)- 3 points

4th- Ed Barbour- 13.46m (England Midlands)- 2 points

5th- Siami Adepoje- 12.63m (WSAA)- 1 point


400m Hurdles


Paul Bennett of Cardiff AAC was the overall race winner with a time of 52.61. Tyri Donovan took the points for England South in the international fixture with a time of 53.69.

Match Results:

1st- Tyri Donovan- 53.69 (England South)- 8 points

2nd- Rhys Harris- 56.08 (WSAA)- 6 points

3rd- Dan Wilde- 57.17 (Wales)- 3 points

4th- Conor Aldridge- 58.50 (England Midlands)- 2 points


Lauren Williams of Wales under 20 took the win and agonisingly went close to breaking 60 seconds with a time of 60.01. Lauren had this to say: "It was a really good race this evening, I was hoping to go sub-60 seconds.  Not quite there, but nevertheless just really pleased with the win. The season's going really well, that was only my fifth race because of exams, but over the moon with the win."

Match Results:

1st- Lauren Williams- 60.01 (Wales)- 8 points

2nd-Alice Byles- 61.70 (England South)- 4 points

3rd- Danel Jansen Van Rensburg- 62.64 (England Midlands)- 3 points

4th-Chloe Esegbona- 62.87 (England North)- 2 points


Women’s High Jump

Rebecca Hawkins of England South under 20 took the win after clearing 1.74 metres on her first attempt at the distance.

Match Result:

1st- Rebecca Hawkins- 1.74m (England South)- 6 points

2nd- Isabelle Cain- Daley- 1.68m (England Midlands)- 5 points

3rd- Abigail Buxton- 1.62m (Wales)- 3 points

4th- Lauryn Davey- 1.58m (WSAA)- 2 points


Women’s 1500m

Cari Hughes took the win for Wales under 20 in the 1500m, Hughes claimed six points for the team with a time of 4:28.24. Cari had this to say after her victory: "It was a really good, quite a fast pace from the start, which suited me well, I really enjoyed it. I love racing at Leckwith, it's such a good track and good to win in front of a home crowd."

Match Result:

1st- Cari Hughes- 4:28.24 (Wales)- 6 points

2nd- Chloe Sharp- 4:30.29 (England South)- 6 points

3rd- Tabatha Walford- 4:38.03 (England Midlands)- 4 points

4th- Lucy Omnet- 5:04.46 (WSAA)- 2 points


Women’s 100m

Charlotte Paterson of England North won the 100m international fixture with a time of 12.02.

Match Result:

1st- Charlotte Paterson- 12.02 (England North)- 6 points

2nd- Yvette Westwood- 12.19 (England Midlands)- 4 points

3rd- Zoe Nash- 12.42 (Wales)- 3 points

4th- Sophie Matthews- 12.81 (WSAA)- 2 points

5th- Amy Teal- 12.85 (England South)- 1 point


Men’s 100m

Kristian Jones of Wales under 20 stormed to victory in the men’s 100m, Jones claimed 6 points for the Welsh team with a time of 10.84. Kristian had this to say after his win: "It was a great race to be fair, not sure about the time, but I had to beat what was in front of me. Feeling good about going into next week and the European Junior Championships in Grosseto, my first major championships in a GB junior team."

 Match Result:

1st- Kristian Jones- 10.84 (Wales)- 6 points

2nd- Romell Glave- 10.86 (England South)- 4 points

3rd- Andrew Morgan- Harrison- 10.96 (England North)- 3 points

4th- Callum Davies- 11.02 (WSAA)- 2 points

5th- Daniel Banks- 11.26 (England Midlands)- 1 point


Women’s 400m

Harriet Cooper of England Midlands under 20 took the women’s 400m with a time of 55.65.

Match Result:

1st- Harriet Cooper- 55.65 (England Midlands)- 8 points

2nd- Eleanor Grove- 56.35 (England South) – 4 points

3rd- Ffion Roberts- 58.31 (Wales) – 3 points

4th- Hannah Pachuta- 58.46 (WSAA)- 4 points


Men’s 400m

Ellis Greatrex looked strong as he took the victory for England Midlands in a time of 48.26.

Match Result:

1st- Ellis Greatrex- 48.26 (England Midlands)- 6 points

2nd-Emmanuel Sosanya- 49.30 (England South)- 4 points

3rd- Daniel Morris- 50.46 (WSAA)- 3 points

4th- Lolo James- 51.22 (Wales)- 2 points


Women’s 800m

Mollie O’Sullivan took the women’s 800m race, the England South athlete won with a time of 2:11.65.

Match Result:

1st- Mollie O’Sullivan- 2:11.66 (England South) – 6 points

2nd-Katrina Simpson- 2:12.55 (England Midlands)- 4 points

3rd- Tamsin Mcgraw- 2:12.65 (England North) – 3 points

4th- Issy Parry- Jones- 2:14.54 (Wales)- 2 points

5th- Isabel Dodd- 2:25.38 (WSAA)- 1 point


Men’s 800m

Adam Splisbury of England North was the winner of a close battle in the men’s 800m with a time of 1:53.55.

Match Result:

1st- Adam Spilsbury- 1:53.55 (England North)- 6 points

2nd- Matthew Williams- 1:53.79 (Wales) – 4 points

3rd- Daniel Richards- 1:55.04 (England South)- 3 points

4th-Michael Parry- 1:55.43 (WSAA) – 4 points

5th- James Fradley- 1:55.94 (England Midlands)- 1 point


Women’s 200m

Ebony Carr of England South was the winner of the women’s 200m with a time of 24.76.

Match Result:

1st- Ebony Carr- 24.76 (England South)- 8 points

2nd-Yvette Westwood- 25.02 (England Midlands) – 4 points

3rd- Jazmine Moss- 25.08 (England North)- 3 points

4th- Moli Jones- 25.84 (Wales)- 2 points

5th- Megan Davies- 26.57 (WSAA)- 1 point


Men’s 200m

Joe Lonsdale was the winner of the men’s 200m, the England North athlete clocked an impressive time of 21.98.

Match Result:

1st- Joe Lonsdale- 21.98 (England North)- 8 points

2nd- Tyler Williams- 22.39 (Wales) – 4 points

3rd- Shayne Dewar- 22.43 (England South)- 3 points

4th- Bret Okeke- 22.50 (England Midlands) – 2 points


Men Shot Put

Nicholas Young of Wales took the men’s Shot Put with a fourth round throw of 15.14 metres. Nicholas had this to say afterwards: "I got a PB by almost over a metre, so it was quite an experience to do that in a competition. It was quite unexpected, but I did it twice so it's not a fluke."

Match Result:

1st- Nicholas Young- 15.14 (Wales)- 9 points

2nd- Leo Rowley- 15.05 (England North)- 4 points

3rd- Gerraint Pugh- 12.95 (WSAA) – 6 points

4th- Alfie Scopes- 12.21 (England South)- 2 points

5th- Issac Wood- 11.64 (England Midlands)- 1 points


Women’s High Jump

Rebecca Hawkins of England South took the win in the Women’s high jump after a clearing 1.74 metres on her first attempt.

Match Result:

1st- Rebecca Hawkins- 1.74m (England South)- 6 points

2nd- Isabelle Cain-Daley- 1.68m (England Midlands)- 5 points

3rd- Abigail Buxton- 1.62 (Wales)- 3 points

4th- Lauryn Davey- 1.58 (WSAA) – 3 points


Women’s Pole Vault

Courtney Macguire of Edinburgh AC was the overall winner in the women’s Pole Vault with a clearance of 3.85 metres. Carys Jones of Welsh Schools took the international fixture win with 3.35 metres. Carys had this to say afterwards: "I was quite happy with my performance, it was a season's best. I've just come back from a year out with stress fracture in my back, so I'm happy with that."

 Match Result:

1st- Carys Jones- 3.35m (WSAA)- 7 points

2nd- Natasha Purchas- 3.35m (England South)- 6 points

3rd- Imogen Smith- 3.35m (England Midlands)- 6 points

4th- Ffion Llewellyn- 3.20m (Wales) – 2 points

5th- Claudia Barkes- 3.20m (England North)- 2 points


Men’s Javelin

Nathan James of Wales took the win in the men’s Javelin, it was a third round throw of 62.46 metres which clinched all 6 points for the Welsh athlete. "Really happy with that, good conditions and a good atmosphere to throw in. I was hoping to get a PB and came close. I've got the British League on Saturday in Bedford and hopefully I can get a PB there."

Match Result:

1st- Nathan James- 62.46m (Wales)- 6 points

2nd- Sam Dean- 61.28m (England North) 4 points

3rd- Scott Staples- 58.06m (England South)- 3 points

4th- Christopher Arnold- 48.55 (England Midlands)- 2 points


Women’s Javelin

Laura Wittingham of Sale Harriers took the win overall in the women’s Javelin with an impressive first round throw of 50.37 metres. It was recent Welsh Senior Champion Bethan Rees who clinched the international fixture with 46.13 metres. Bethan had this to say after her victory: "The conditions were quite nice and I was pleased to throw 46 metres, but it wasn't quite as far as I was hoping. At the British Championships I came fourth with 49 metres which was a PB for me. The season's going well and I'm hoping to break the 50 metre barrier before the end of it."

Match Result:

1st- Bethan Rees- 46.13m (Wales)- 6 points

2nd- Millie Cavanagh- 40.41m (England South)- 4 points

3rd- Leah Hillman- 39.22m (England North)- 3 points

4th- Francesca Garott- 34.68m (England Midlands)- 2 points

5th- Rachel jones- 31.59m (WSAA)- 1 point


Women’s Long Jump

Rebecca Chapman continued her fine form by winning the overall women’s long jump competition with 6.12 metres. Josie Oliarnyk of England Midlands was the winner of the international match, the athlete claimed 6 points for her team after a fifth-round jump of 5.81 metres.

Match Result:

1st- Josie Oliarnyk- 5.81m (England Midlands)- 6 points

2nd- Ore Adamson- 5.79m (England South)- 4 points

3rd- Grace Bower- 5.55m (England North)- 3 points

4th- Emily Thomas- 5.49m (Wales)- 2 points


Women’s Triple Jump

Laura Zialor of England South was victorious in the women’s Triple Jump with  a big second round jump of 12.01 metres.

Match Result:

1st- Laura Zialor- 12.01m (England South)- 6 points

2nd- Macey Jones- 11.49m (Wales)- 4 points

3rd- Georgia Lever- 11.27m (England North)- 3 points

4th- Emily Madden Forman- 11.25m (England Midlands) – 5 points

5th- Sophie Matthews- 9.74m (WSAA)- 1 point


Men’s High Jump

Tom Gale of Team Bath AC was the overall winner in the men’s High Jump with 2.23 metres. It was Thomas Hewes of England South who clinched the win in the international match, successfully clearing a height of 2.00 metres on his first attempt.

Match Result:

1st- Thomas Hewes- 2.00m (England South)- 6 points

2nd- Williams Edwards- 1.96m (Wales)- 4 points

3rd- Harry Carter- 1.84m (WSAA)- 3 points

4th- Ethan Milligan- 1.84m (England North)- 3 points

5th- Thomas Ward- 1.68m (England Midlands)- 1 point


Men’s Shot Put

Nicholas Young of Wales clinched victory in the men’s shot put, Young took 9 points for the Welsh team after his large fourth round throw of 15.14 metres.

Match Result:

1st- Nicholas Young- 15.14m (Wales)- 9 points

2nd- Leo Rowley- 15.05m (England North)- 4 points

3rd- Geraint Pugh- 12.95m (WSAA)- 6 points

4th- Alfie Scopes- 12.21m (England South)- 2 points

5th- Isaac Wood- 11.64m (England Midlands)- 1 point


Women’s Shot Put

Commonwealth Games Youth bound athlete Sarah Omoregie took the win in the women’s Shot Put, a fourth-round throw of 15.46 metres brought home 6 points for the Welsh team. Sarah had this to say after her victory: "It wasn't the distance I wanted but I'm still happy to come away with the win. It's been a hard couple of weeks so I'm just looking forward to going to the Bahamas for the Youth Commonwealth games and trying to throw well there. I'm so excited it's my first proper international competition and hopefully I'll do well out there. I want to come away with a medal, hopefully. I'm ranked second going in so a medal would be really good."

Match Result:

1st- Sarah Omoregie- 15.46m (Wales)- 6 points

2nd- Sophie Merritt- 13.99m (England South)- 4 points

3rd- Toni Buckingham- 12.35m (England North)- 3 points

4th- Emma Dakin- 11.67m (England Midlands)- 2 points


Men’s Long Jump

Reynold Banigo of England North took all 6 points in the international match, a big third round jump of 7.23 metres was enough to take the win.

Match Result:

1st- Reynold Banigo- 7.23m (England North)- 6 points

2nd- Ceirion Hopkins- 7.04m (Wales)- 5 points

3rd- Samuel Challis- 6.83m (England South)- 3 points

4th- Jamie Worman- 6.27m (England Midlands)- 2 points

5th- Kellen Jones- 6.10m (WSAA)- 1 point


Men’s Discus

Bahamas Bound James Tomlinson was the winner of the men’s discus by a significant margin, the Wales under 20 athlete third round throw of 57.96 metres clinched 6 points for the Welsh team. James had this to say afterwards: "I had a good warm up throw and I tried chasing it. It's a vicious circle, so it was my fault  I didn't stay technical. Apart from that I enjoyed the competition, it was a good atmosphere today, nice and warm, dead wind, you couldn't ask for any better conditions. Looking forward to next week now  and the Youth Commonwealth games and see what I can do there."

Match Result

1st- James Tomlinson- 57.96m (Wales)- 6 points

2nd- Samuel Woodley- 45.53m (England South)- 4 points

3rd- Thomas Dobbs- 43.90m (England North)- 3 points

4th- Isaac Wood- 37.63m (England Midlands)- 2 points

5th- Kellen Jones- 29.83m (WSAA)- 1 point


Men’s Pole Vault- Invitational

Joel Leon Benitez produced an incredible performance in the men’s Pole Vault Invitational Competition, the Notts AC athlete moved up to second on the UK all-time under 20 rankings list and set a new Stadium record of 5.51 metres.


Men’s 110m Hurdles

Robert Sakala of England South was the winner of the men’s 110m Hurdles, it was a close race but Sakala took victory in a time of 14.25.

Match Result:

1st- Robert Sakala- 14.25 (England South)- 8 points

2nd- William Seed- 15.22 (England North)- 4 points

3rd- David Aryeetey- 15.26 (England Midlands)- 3 points

4th- Lloyd Ellis- 15.45 (Wales)- 2 points

5th- Harry Hillman- 15.73 (WSAA)- 3 points


Men’s 1500m

Christopher Durney kicked for home in the final 200 metres of the men’s 1500m, the England North athlete took the win and 6 points for his team in a time of 4:02.65.

Match Result:

1st- Christopher Durney- 4:02.65 (England North)- 6 points

2nd- James Vincent- 4:03.41 (Wales)- 4 points

3rd- Thomas Butler- 4:03.64 (England South)- 3 points

4th- Alex Rieley- 4:04.47 (England Midlands)-  2 points

5th- Elliot Lawrences- 4:11.89 (WSAA)- 1 point


Women’s 100m Hurdles

Sophie Yorke of England Midlands was the winner in the women’s 100m hurdles with a time of 13.78 seconds.

Match Result:

1st- Sophie Yorke- 13.78 (England Midlands)- 6 points

2nd- Lauren Evans- 14.49 (Wales)- 4 points

3rd- Amber Leigh- Hall- 14.61 (England South)- 3 points

4th- Grace Bower- 15.01 (England North)- 4 points


4x100m Relays


England South and Wales battled it out in the men’s 4x100m relay, England South ended up victorious by just 0.36 seconds.

Match Result:

1st- England South- 41.30- 6 points

2nd- Wales- 41.66- 4 points

3rd- England Midlands- 43.08- 3 points

4th- England North- 44.68- 2 points

5th- WSAA- 47.26- 1 point


Amy Odunaiya brought home the Welsh Senior Women’s team for victory in the 4x100m relay, it was a strong performance from all members of the team with some very efficient baton changes. England North were victorious in the international match, edging out their opponents by nearly a full second!

Match Result:

1st- England North- 47.72 - 6 points

2nd- Wales- 48.91- 4 points

3rd- England South- 48.97- 3 points

4th- England Midlands- 49.55- 2 points

5th- WSAA- 50.15- 1 point


Final Standings:

1st- Wales – 132 points

2nd- England South- 125 points

3rd- England Midlands- 97 points

4th- England North- 95 points

5th- WSAA- 61 points

Full Results

The Welsh Team Collecting the International Match Trophy

James Tomlinson was awarded Male Athlete of the match


Kristian Jones Stormed to Victory in the men's 100m 


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