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First Claim Transfers

Change of Club online process

There is a new online process for registered athletes moving their first claim membership between Welsh Athletics affiliated clubs.

(This online process is for changing clubs within Wales only. If you are transferring to a club elsewhere in the UK you will need to complete the paper application form from the respective Home Nations Governing Body.

Completing the online application

  1. Log in to your athlete portal using your own URN and password.
  2. Once logged in, click on the “Club Transfer” tab found on the left-hand side of the screen. This will bring up the “First Claim Club Transfer” screen
  3. To start the change of club application, click on the “start new transfer” button.
  4. Enter the name of the new club you are transferring to in the relevant space and enter any comments you want to send to the club you are wishing to leave. Once both boxes are completed, click the box in the bottom left-hand corner once you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions for the transfer. If exempt from payment (U15s) you will be taken to the transfer complete screen.
  5. Billing Information. Please complete the marked boxes for the address your payment card is registered to and then click the “review and pay” button. 
  6. Review your details are correct on the next screen and check the confirmation box in the bottom left-hand of the screen, and then click on the “go to payment” button to proceed to the next screen.
  7. Select your payment method and enter the request card details. Once entered click on the “Pay £10 now” button and complete your change of club transfer.

A club transfer complete screen will appear giving details of the next stage of the process and contact details for Welsh Athletics. You will be kept informed on the progress of your application by email.

Change of club involving other Home Countries

If you are moving from a Welsh club to an English club you will need to complete the paper transfer form and send to England Athletics.

If you are moving from an English club to a Welsh club you will need to complete the paper transfer form and send to Welsh Athletics.

NOTE: All athletes who have been registered with a club within the last 3 years will need to go through the transfer process.

First Claim Other

Where a Club has not registered for Open/Team Competition in a particular discipline, then the athlete can join another Club for First Claim Open Team Competition solely for the purpose of competition in that discipline. Should the athlete wish to register for First Claim Other they must complete the Other Discipline Form and send to Welsh Athletics for processing. Each year the athlete must register with Welsh Athletics through their First Claim Club.

Second Claim Club Member

In addition to an athlete having a First Claim Club an athlete is permitted to become a member of a Second Claim Club. Whilst this may be for social, coaching or other reasons that athlete may compete for that Club in competitions which specifically state in its rules that its competition is open to Second Claim Members. Such an athlete is hereafter defined as a Second Claim Member. Any club that accepts a Second Claim Member must confirm with Welsh Athletics that the athlete is already registered through their first claim club.

Applications must be received by the tenth of the month and will take effect from the first day of the following month. Any applications received after the tenth will be held over to the next month.

Most transfers are automatic now but if an athlete makes a second transfer application within a twelve month period the transfer date is not the first of the following month but takes effect three months later. In certain circumstances athletes are eligible to appeal against this decision,

Both clubs and athletes are entitled to appeal against the decisions of the Eligibility Committee on transfer matters. 

Athletes are reminded that all applications to compete on a higher competition basis must be received by 1 March. These applications apply for one year only and are renewable each season.

Athletes Transfers

The Welsh Athletics transfer committee meet once a month to discuss and approve applications submitted by athletes in order to:

  • move from a first claim club to another or
  • move to a higher claim club for British League
  • obtain eligibility to compete for Wales.

Change of First Claim Club - Application Form

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Athletes are now also able to submit their transfer requests online via their Member's Login

Higher Claim

Under UKA Rules, individuals may apply to become "second claim members" of clubs competing in higher-level competitions. The requirement of being registered with Welsh Athletics and fulfilling eligibility criteria remain valid in order to compete in the Welsh Championships.

All applications are valid for one year only and must be renewed annually.

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