Athlete Transfers & Forms

First Claim Transfers

There have been some changes to the rules regarding transfers which athletes will need to be aware of.

Athletes who wish to change their first claim club must complete a transfer form and send it to the Welsh Athletics office in Cardiff with a £10 administration fee. The fee is waived for athletes in the under-15 and under-13 age groups but these age groups still need to fill in an application form.

Applications must be received by the tenth of the month and will take effect from the first day of the following month. Any applications received after the tenth will be held over to the next month.

Most transfers are automatic now but if an athlete makes a second transfer application within a twelve month period the transfer date is not the first of the following month but takes effect three months later. In certain circumstances athletes are eligible to appeal against this decision,

Both clubs and athletes are entitled to appeal against the decisions of the Eligibility Committee on transfer matters. 

Athletes are reminded that all applications to compete on a higher competition basis must be received by 1 March. These applications apply for one year only and are renewable each season.

Athletes Transfers

The Welsh Athletics transfer committee meet once a month to discuss and approve applications submitted by athletes in order to:

  • move from a first claim club to another or
  • move to a higher claim club for British League
  • obtain eligibility to compete for Wales.

Change of First Claim Club - Application Form


Athletes are now also able to submit their transfer requests online via their Member's Login

Higher Claim

Under UKA Rules, individuals may apply to become "second claim members" of clubs competing in higher-level competitions. The requirement of being registered with Welsh Athletics and fulfilling eligibility criteria remain valid in order to compete in the Welsh Championships.

All applications are valid for one year only and must be renewed annually.

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